Regards croisés et coopération en Europe au XXe siècle

Élisabeth DU RÉAU (éd.)
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216 pages
Parution 1996
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Description et restitution dans leur contexte des relations politiques, diplomatiques, sociales et culturelles entre les pays de l'Europe de l'Est et la France.
Crossed Perspectives is a volume devoted to the economic and cultural political relations inside the greater Europe, from the 1920s to the last years of the 20th century. After the First World War, the fall of Empires meant the end of a bygone era. The new Europe of the 1920s beard however, from its birth in Versailles in June 1919, seeds of destruction. Similarly, the study of the second post-war period reveals the dramatic ambiguities on which is built diplomacy at the time of Yalta. The numerous contributions are grouped under four main headings: Crossed Perspectives in Europe from the hopeful to the “mournful” years, 1919-1939; from the Liberation to the Dark Years. The hopes of the immediate post-war period; Cold War in Europe; Exchanges and dialogues in a Europe in reconstruction. 
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216 pages
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