Commonwealth - Antipodes - Vol. 29, n°2

ISSN 0395-6989 (Antipodes)
128 pages
Parution 2007
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Commonwealth Essays and Studies 29.2 (Antipodes) is an issue devoted to the antipodes as both geographical space and spaces of the mind. Geographical space because the contributors physically inhabit four continents. Because many of them address the literary production of the South Seas, focusing notably on Frame, Mansfield, and Malouf but also looking sideways at Mauritius, then across to the antipodal Caribbean and back again to Africa. Spaces of the mind because the authors explore the recesses of subjectivity and perception, the fertile intersections of politics and poetics, ethics and aesthetics, social critique and the imagination, as well as the function and pertinence of boundaries and classifications, interrogating such modes as realism, allegory, or the marvellous. Several of the contributors investigate the strong autobiographical dynamics of the writing under scrutiny and engage with the crossroads of lived experience and artistic abstraction, connecting with the issue of the journal devoted to the overlapping of autobiographical and fictional space, or autobiografiction (see Commonwealth Essays and Studies 24.1 Autumn 2001).
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