Commonwealth - Open-topic, Vol. 30, n°2

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ISSN 0395-6989 (Open-topic)
128 pages
Parution 2008
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Commonwealth Essays and Studies 30.2 is an eclectic open-topic issue composed of a wide variety of elements. The contributors hail from all corners of the globe, from India, Senegal and the Ivory Coast to North Carolina, Texas, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. They study a vast range of postcolonial writers (Soyinka and Achebe, but also Lahiri and Mukherjee) emerging from multiple cultural and geographical areas from Ireland (Friel) to New Zealand (Ihimaera), both diasporic and rooted, and thus engaging in dialogic relations with amorphous readerships. More unusual is the diversity of genres which are addressed, notably drama, poetry, and film alongside the (globally) dominant genre of the novel.

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128 pages
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